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“Toby Estler’s revealing and engaging personal stories illustrate that the outer journey of life is a mirror reflection of the even greater, inner journey of the Soul.  A captivating read, this book will inspire you to greater physical fitness and deeper spiritual growth.”

Iyanla Vanzant, Author
One Day My Soul Just Opened Up


“This remarkable book shows us a new path to attuning ourselves to the world of spirit.  Toby gives us a beautifully written guide to the undiscovered country of transcendence through movement.  Many of us learn early on to run away from our lives; Toby’s book provides a way to get back home by running deeply into our lives, and by so doing, to find the highest and best in ourselves.”

Gay Hendricks, Ph.D.
Co-author (with Kathlyn Hendricks, Ph.D.)
Conscious Loving and Spirit-Centered Relationships

“Toby Estler has written a readers’ delight for non-runners and runners alike.  This is a heartfelt book by a very wonderful writer—it will not only enrich and deepen your experience of exercise, it will also inspire your life!”

Steve Chandler
Co-author, The Small Business Millionaire
Author, Ten Commitments to Your Success
and Re-inventing Yourself, 100 Ways to Motivate Yourself

“As a life coach and physical trainer who understands and reads the body as a manifestation of the way that the mind works, I believe in the martial arts axiom that ‘the body follows the spirit and the spirit follows the body’.  I find again and again that literally, ‘where your mind is,’ there your body is also.  These meditations will help your mind to find that place of inner peace and focus that will hold your body in a new place—where running will become more like floating than exertion.  And the images that pass around you will be colored by your relaxed mental state, elevating your running into meditation.”

Johnny Seitz, Physical Trainer, Author,
Bio-Typing:  Beyond Body Language

“This book has opened me to a world I want to know more about:  running.  If that world is already familiar to you, know that you are holding a treasure that will add depth and dimension to your running life.  If you aren’t a runner, don’t be surprised if you become one by the end of the book!”

Jaia Lee, Author
Living Beyond Belief: How to Ditch the Life Your Mind Created and Start Living the One Your Soul Intended

“Written with the understanding, compassion, and enthusiasm of a man who has successfully conquered many of life’s greatest challenges (including a 15-year smoking habit!) through running, this book will deepen the benefits of your workouts—not only physically but on every level of your being and in every area of your life.”

Dayna Dunbar, Author
Winner 2006 Oklahoma Reads Oklahoma Book Award
The Saints and Sinners of Okay County and
The Wings that Fly us Home


Running Home is more than just an inspirational series of meditations for runners.  It’s also the heartfelt story of a runner’s personal journey, which will serve to motivate and encourage runners of all levels through the ups and downs of the sport.”

Tina B. Tessina, Ph.D., Author
It Ends With You:  Grow Up and Out of Dysfunction


A Selection from Amazon and Barnes and Noble Reader reviews:

  • "The book is more than a how to manual on sports and fitness; it is inspirational, persuasive, and motivating."
  • "It could of read, '35 Moving Meditations for Running my Life Better'".
  • "A runner's guide for preparing for running, mentally, physically, and spiritually."
  • "I used the meditations in this book for my walking practice and received great value."
  • "A guide for everyday living and working."
  • "A must for all runners."
  • "Loaded with spiritual insights."
  • "The author is extremely articulate and has a gift for stating the profound very concisely and beautifully."
  • "I found it useful as a hiker and dancer"
  • "I loved all the quotes and affirmations."
  • "While I am not a runner, I found Toby Estler's book to be a wonderful addition to my desire to read good, inspirational books."
  • "This book is a gift from spirit. Read it!!!"
  • "Include[s] so many spiritual exercises that can help you fulfill your life's purpose and dreams."

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Here's my pick of favorite runs at three different distances: Marathon, 50k and 100k. These are three for your bucket list. Send me yours!

San Francisco Marathon
My favorite of the big city marathons in California. Running over the Golden Gate bridge is a gorgeous experience, and the rest of the route is varied, with a couple of testing hills and some animal surprises!

Bulldog 50k
One of the toughest 50ks out there, run in the hills and canyons above the Malibu coast, this event starts with a deceptively cool, misty dawn start, only to evolve into a testing, hot, 90+ degree trail run with 8,000 feet of elevation change over the two-loop course. Gorgeous views of the California coast and surrounding villages nestled in the mountains.

Miwok 100k
You'll need to get into the lottery in December to have a shot at a place in this most popular event. The course is famous for being runable it's entire length (for some at least!). You'll get to run with some of ultra running's biggest names along some wonderfully deserted trails along the central california coast in the Marin Headlands. This is a great event for those considering a first 100k - the aid stations and event support are unpralelled and the goody bag is something Santa would be proud to give you. Still give it the respect it deserves, with approxiamtely 10,000ft of elevation change over the 62+ miles.


“Toby Estler’s revealing and engaging personal stories illustrate that the outer journey of life is a mirror reflection of the even greater, inner journey of the Soul. A captivating read, this book will inspire you to greater physical fitness and deeper spiritual growth.”

Iyanla Vanzant, Author
One Day My Soul Just Opened Up.

And yes . . . that is me on the cover! Since publication, I have dropped 25 pounds, started running ultras, shaved the beard, and grown a head of hair! That’s one powerful book!