Resources for Runners

Hammer Nutrition
In the course of more than 15 years of running, I've tried a zillion different products and Hammer has endurance fueling dialed in.

Highest quality products that won't upset your stomach, don't include and refined sugars or anything ending in 'ose'), and interact with each other really well. Intersperse the liquid products with their gels and bars and your won't get an upset stomach.

PLUS—their online library of powerful information from training tips to electrolyte usage is a vault of treasure backed with long-term testing and scientific know-how.

Use my customer (#132816) and get your first order at a 15% discount.

Road ID
Especially as a masters (polite way of saying 40+!) runner, this gives me, my wife, and family great peace of mind. Energy used on worry is energy wasted! Reroute it here.

Choose from a wide selection of styles that can be worn on the wrist, ankle, as a pendant, or attached to your shoe. Bracelets contain vital medical information in case of medical emergency. Let's face, we run because we love it and it also keeps us healthy. Whether a stray car, crazy dog, or an unplanned slip in the wet—this will communicateessential life-saving information when you might not be able to.

Zombie Runner
An oasis of information, equipment, coaching options, an amazing store with everything for distance running, lots of inspirational books and videos, and a vibrant runners' forum.

A great photo section too, with fabulous down-in-the-dirt images from all the major ultra events on the calendar: Badwater, Western States, and more. A pretty informed events section lists major upcoming running events in the ultra/trail/adventure racing calendar.

Ultrarunning Magazine
A powerful resource center online, you'll want to subscribe to the print magazine also. It's packed with ultra event descriptionss and reports, from 50k to multi-day events.

The writing is at times poetic, and communicates well the essence of what makes the ultra community different (in really positive ways) from the wider running world. The ultra world beats to the rythm of a different footfall! Sure, Runners' World and Running Times have their place, I read those too. But Ultrarunning communicates the courageous heart of distance running like no other print magazine I know.

Roadrunner Sports
Sure, they are the Starbucks of running stores, and they got popular for a reason—they offer consistent and deep discounts on most common running items.

Join the VIP club online for just $1.99 and get free shipping on every order! 60-day perfect fit guarantee on shoes. And you must experience "shoe dog!"

George Sheehan's Essays and Excerpts
Long before Dean Karnazes, there were giants writing about the experience of running, both inner and outer.

Sheehan's writings are as essential as a pair of running shoes. Author of the seminal work, Running and Being, Dr. Sheehan began writing his weekly column in 1968 in his local newspaper, the Red Bank Register. For the next 25 years, he pounded the keys of his typewriter putting into words his analysis and observations of his "athletic life."

His fans around the world followed his every word. In describing his approach to writing, he said, "When I write, I tell who I am, what I'm like, what I've discovered running. I'm not embarrassed to expose myself. I don't care what I write as long as it's true."

Joe Henderson's Running Commentary
Another of the great writers on all things running. An author of more than 25 books and a man who has completed in excess of 700 races.

You can browse through an extensive archive of musings here, dating from 1998 to the present day, including the sobering title, "My Last Marathon." I trust the gods of running have that one in store from me a good few years from now still. GREAT inspirational material for runners of all abilities!


Share in the meditational moments that come from my runs several times each week. Tweets are lasered inspirational thoughts created with the intention of getting your runs to be deeper.

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Here's my pick of favorite runs at three different distances: Marathon, 50k and 100k. These are three for your bucket list. Send me yours!

San Francisco Marathon
My favorite of the big city marathons in California. Running over the Golden Gate bridge is a gorgeous experience, and the rest of the route is varied, with a couple of testing hills and some animal surprises!

Bulldog 50k
One of the toughest 50ks out there, run in the hills and canyons above the Malibu coast, this event starts with a deceptively cool, misty dawn start, only to evolve into a testing, hot, 90+ degree trail run with 8,000 feet of elevation change over the two-loop course. Gorgeous views of the California coast and surrounding villages nestled in the mountains.

Miwok 100k
You'll need to get into the lottery in December to have a shot at a place in this most popular event. The course is famous for being runable it's entire length (for some at least!). You'll get to run with some of ultra running's biggest names along some wonderfully deserted trails along the central california coast in the Marin Headlands. This is a great event for those considering a first 100k - the aid stations and event support are unpralelled and the goody bag is something Santa would be proud to give you. Still give it the respect it deserves, with approxiamtely 10,000ft of elevation change over the 62+ miles.


“Toby Estler’s revealing and engaging personal stories illustrate that the outer journey of life is a mirror reflection of the even greater, inner journey of the Soul. A captivating read, this book will inspire you to greater physical fitness and deeper spiritual growth.”

Iyanla Vanzant, Author
One Day My Soul Just Opened Up.

And yes . . . that is me on the cover! Since publication, I have dropped 25 pounds, started running ultras, shaved the beard, and grown a head of hair! That’s one powerful book!