Run to Live, Live to Run!

"One summer’s day in June, a number of years ago, I looked out of my jail cell in England’s infamous Wormwood Scrubs Prison in London. Craning my neck against the barred window, I was just able to see the corner of a large expanse of grass beyond the prison walls.

Compared to the drab grays that permeated my cell and the prison as a whole, the grass looked more than alive—it seemed to represent life itself.I closed my eyes and imagined running across the park, breathing hard, free to roam...” (More.)

Running Barefoot?

Like many runners, I have been challenged with my fair share of injuries over the course of the last 15 years. After having Barefoot Todd (on the left in the picture) as my running partner for the last eighteen months, and having recently read the exhilarating Born to Run, I've been doing more barefoot running. I'm still perfecting the technique, and I can say this: some of the most chronic injuries I have suffered from have seemed to disappear. Achilles Tendonitis; Plantar Fascitis; and more have all gone with my shoes!

Living in Southern California, I have access to another of North America's barefoot running gurus, Ken Bob Saxton (on the right of the picture). His website is filled with information, tips, and ribald commentary, and his workshops are filled with useful information, clear directions on how to begin barefoot running, and are a great place to meet other barefooters.